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Meadow Hawk Digital Design has been helping clients achieve a web presence for aover 15 years. We can provide simple turn key websites, or enterprise level complex sites which include blogs, e-commerce, photography studios, or you name it. In addition, Meadow Hawk sells gallery quality photography on any media, including giant canvas prints, normal prints, or cards. We specialize in underwater photography. Samples of our work can be found on the website, Our photographers will consider photo assignments particularly in the underwater realm.

We have recently opened an apparel shop which is focused on providing high end t-shirts to scuba divers. Check it out to find some of the coolest shirts, cups, bags, sweatshirts, based on the amazing creatures of the deep.

Stuff happening. . .

Road Shower Patent Issued in June 2012.


Our Story

About us

Joel Cotton started Meadow Hawk Digital Design in 1998 with the goal of providing Design and Web Presence assistance to customers in the Aspen/Vail area. Since then we have been involved in projects from underwater photography websites, to custom programmed educational programs. He has been traveling to remote parts of the world to capture compelling images. We are currently involved designing casual apparel for the scuba divers.

We try to keep it simple and clean looking. Let the subject speak for itself.


The Design Team

  • Joel Cotton


    Joel was inspired at an early age when his father, Jack, a talented watercolor artist took him to the valleys and mountains near their New Mexico home to learn to draw and paint. Joel's love of nature led to a stint as a forester in the Southwest. All the while, he was painting and photographing the subtle beautry of the area. His passion for sharing the beauty found in nature led to a career in teaching at Colorado Mountain college where he taught computer, photo an design classes. He founded Meadow Hawk Digital Design as a web deign company originally. Meadow Hawk Digital Design has branched to computer programming, photography, as well as web design. The last few years, Joel has expanded and improved his underwater photography studio, Spending the winter months in Cozumel allows him to dedicate himself to his new craft. Joel has over 500 dives in remote locations around the world. Joel and his wife Marcia recently returned from a photo trip to Bhutan and Nepal where they trekked to some of the highest and most remote spots in the world, with the goal of recording the natural beautry and the local people and cultures. In addition, Joel has come up with some new inventions to make camping outside more enjoyable. The Road Shower is a rack mounted solar shower that fits on the top of your car and heats water while you are traveling. The patent was issued in June 2012. Joel continues to seek other patents to make our camping lives easier. He would be happy to provide some consulting on obtaining your own patent without and attorney.

  • Marcia Hund


    Marcia has been taking quality photos since an early age. She has over 40 years of experience. She combines her love of travel and photography to produce truly magnificent photos. She compiled a beautiful book on Nepal and Bhutan recently.

Recent Work

A journey of talent


Please visit to view our current photos. To purchase a print, click on the purchase button, and choose the size and format of your photograph.

We are currently featuring photos from our winter in Cozumel, Mexico. Check out the beautiful Spotted Eagle Rays, as they glide in the water at 100 feet deep.


Graphic Design

Please visit our T-Shirt and Apparel Shop at the Reefs of Cozumel T-Shirt Shop. Contact us to create customized logos, shirts, or letterhead for your business.


We also published and sell Learning Unlimited. This is a software program that allows students to progress at their own pace.

Web Design

Check out a few of the websites we have designed:

TrekNepal Guides

Reefs of Cozumel

Gold Star Realty

Road Shower

Learning Unlimited


We have also created some unique underwater videos. We have video editing capability and experience and are happy to help you with your video project.

Photos Gallery

Photos: People, Landscapes, and Animals. . .

Video gallery

Youtube Videos

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Please contact us at our office in Silt using phone or email.

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